This section of a the forum that is dedicated to the management and maintenance of the forum. It typically contains two subgroups:
*Announcements are posts made by the forum administrators that provide important information about the forum, such as new features or changes to the forum's policies.
*Rules are a set of guidelines that users must follow when using the forum. They are designed to ensure that the forum remains a safe and respectful place for everyone.
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1. Respect other members. Treat others with kindness and respect, and avoid personal attacks or insults.

2. No spam or self-promotion. Do not post spam, self-promotional content, or irrelevant links.

3. No illegal or malicious content. Do not post or link to illegal or malicious content, including software cracks, malware, or phishing scams.

4. No piracy. Do not post links to pirated content.

5. Stay on topic.

6. Follow the instructions of moderators.

7. Report any violations of these rules
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